Ezra is a 2nd grader who needs help in Reading.

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Grade 2






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Please describe your student and why you qualify for tutoring.
Greetings and thank you for this amazing organization. My son's father has been in prison since I was 3 weeks pregnant. My son is now 8 and just began contact with his father. Up until 1 year ago, I was a single mother on public assistance. By the grace of God I was now able to move into a better school district but now Ezra has to play catch up. He is the only black student in his class and the cost to live in this great school zone won't afford me additional money to pay for a tutor. Ezra's teacher informed me that he is on level H reading, but should be at level K. I could really use some help getting him caught up to speed with the rest of his classmates. He just received his report card this week and got a 2- in Reading Foundation Skills. The grading goes up to a 4. Thank you so much for taking the time to process my request and I hope to hear from you soon. Blessings. Angela Adams

Please describe specifically what your student needs help with.
Ezra needs help with site words and understanding content. Blending as well. He guesses the next word instead of reading the letters there.

How can we make the world a better place?
"If I was king of the world. I would have everyone pray to God"

What are you most grateful for?
My salvation through Jesus the Christ.

What is your favorite book?
Captain Underpants

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