Robert is a 6th grader who needs help in Reading.

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Please describe your student and why you qualify for tutoring.
Robert is the most caring twelve-year-old I know. He is the man of our house and wears it very well. Robert helps me with his younger sister and never complains. He was held back in the 3rd grade due to him not being able to catch on. I thought that would help, but it did not. He is still struggling. Sometimes I think him being a child in a single parent household may be the issue, but I honestly don't know. He is so deserving of everything that comes his way. He is very humble, very understanding, very generous. He is always willing to help someone, even when he needs the help. He wants to own a trucking company so bad when he gets older. That is all he speaks about and how he will be better than his father. I just pray someone gives Robert the chance to be someone :)

What are your greatest hopes for your student?
Being able to read with confidence :) Being confident!!!!

What are you most grateful for?
My son's ability to love me unconditionally, even with a broken heart.

Please describe specifically what your student needs help with.
My son has struggled for so long in reading. I am trying to finish school so I am able to pay for a tutor, but he really needs help. He is now in the sixth grade and can barely read the directions and understand what's going on. Please help me help him!

According to the student, how can we make the world a better place?
Everyone being nice!

What is the student's favorite book?
Diary Of a Wimpy Kid

What does the student want to 'learn to be' when they grow up?
A Logistics Engineer


6th grader






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