Buddy is a 6th grader who needs help in Reading.

Get to know Buddy and his family better

Please describe your student and why you qualify for tutoring.
Buddy is a 12 year old boy. He has the heart of gold. He loves to help everyone and makes so many friends quiclky as he is a social butterfly. He is willing to learn and exceed in what is needed of him. He struggles with reading and has been since kindergarten. I want to see his confidence grow as he has low self esteem due to his reading. He knows that he is behind many students but that does not stop him from trying his best. I have been trying to get help from his schools or maybe held back a year but his school kept passimg him on. He will be in middle school this coming school year and l want to help him as much as i can. He also has a little brother who is 4 and buddy helps him to learn as much as he can teach him which is awesome.

What are your greatest hopes for your student?
I want my son to be confident and not feel like he is not as smart because he struggles with reading

What are you most grateful for?
My son is a fighter and does not give up.

Please describe specifically what your student needs help with.
My student needs help with reading. He has been struggling since kindergarten. The school finally has him on a iep program but he lacks his reading abilities. He can read but very slowly. He is in 6th grade but per the tests he was givin, he is in a 3rd grade level begining level. He needs help to learn to read better and get to his grade level of reading. Because of his reading difficulities, he is having a hard time in his classes because word problems take so much longer and has a difficult time trying to understand what he is reading.

According to the student, how can we make the world a better place?
By being nice to people and helping them when they need it.

What is the student's favorite book?
Pig the pug

What does the student want to 'learn to be' when they grow up?


6th grader






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