Tutor Screening, Training, and Session Monitoring

Last Updated:
September 20, 2022

Student safety is very important to us. As such, we have broken down our security and compliance into 3 key parts.


  1. Prospective tutors first fill out an application. The key aspect of this application is a video they submit answering the questions Why do you want to be a Learn To Be Tutor? and What are the values that guide your life?
  2. Applicants over 18 who pass this screen are run through a sex offender background check.


  1. Once accepted, tutors are invited to our internal communication tool, Slack. This community of tutors helps each other with resources and best practices on tutoring.
  2. LTB staff hosts webinars for tutors and students to highlight best practices and answer questions that may arise.


  1. All of our tutoring sessions are recorded for quality assurance.
  2. We encourage parents to attend tutoring sessions with their students as an added layer of security.
  3. Tutors and students fill out post session surveys, where they are able to report anything that went wrong during the session.
  4. Tutors are able to release their student at any time and students are able to release their tutor at any time. We log all releases in our database, which allow for follow-ups with the tutor and student. This ensures that we are maintaining a high quality of standard for our tutors.
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