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Learn To Be

Learn To Be is a 501c.3 non-profit bringing 1-on-1, online tutoring to K-12 youth living in marginalized communities. Here, we look at the some of our basic impact data.

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At A Glance

This page serves as a real-time updating snapshot of our progress as an organization. But some of the numbers can be confusing because of a recent change to our model. Prior to September, 2017, all of our tutoring was done through after-school programs. But since then, we stopped working through schools and instead began working with individual families.

Through organic traffic and partnerships, families find us, enroll in our program and are connected with a tutor. This has let us have the most amount of impact not just on our students, but on their families as well. The numbers you see below are a reflection of both models, but the number of families listed represents numbers since September, 2017.

The Basics

  • Sessions Hosted 35,919
  • Hours Of Tutoring 17,467
  • Number of Tutors 1,548

How We Measure Success

Our primary metric for success is if students are performing better in school. This includes improvements on both exams and grades.

How We Collect Data

After every tutoring session, students are required to fill out feedback. On this survey, we ask about any updated exam/grade improvements and whether they can be attributed to Learn To Be. From this, we calculate average exam score and GPA increases.

As of September 19, 2018

On average, our students have seen test scores go up by 19% and a GPA increase of 0.7.

*Updated in real-time.


We have accepted families from 48 different states across the United States.

  • Families Accepted 775
  • Current Families 224

Family Circumstances

This is self-reported by families when enrolling in Learn To Be tutoring.


Family Income Levels

This is self-reported by families when enrolling in Learn To Be tutoring.


The Faces Of Our Families


Gender Ratio Of Students


Subject Ratio

This is a general breakdown of the subjects requested by families who enroll into the Learn To Be tutoring program.


Grade Levels Served



We currently have 1,548 volunteer tutors comprised of high school students, college students and young professionals from around the nation.

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Seena K

"I’ll never forget when I told Baleigh that I was not going to be able to tutor her anymore because I had to go back to school. She started crying and her mom had to console her and at the end of the session, she wrote “I love You” on the screen. It was such a sad moment but I’m so blessed that I had the chance to meet such a bright and bubbly girl with the most loving heart. With Heaven, I remember every time she would get a series of questions right, I would tell her to do her victory dance and she would have the cutest dance moves! She always loved and looked forward to doing her victory dance as we called it and it would always bring a huge smile on both her face and mine.

I truly loved the relationships I was able to make with my students and their families. I loved seeing smiles on my students faces when they are able to achieve something they never thought they could. Nothing beats being able to be a part of that."

Why Do You Want To Be A Learn To Be Tutor?


Tutoring Sessions By Month


Tutor Ratings Of Their Sessions

Note: Ratings less than 5 are almost exclusively due to students who didn't show up for a session or due to technology glitches during the session.


Student Ratings Of Their Sessions

Note that there are considerably less responses here than there are for tutor ratings. We do struggle with ensuring that students/families fill out their post-session surveys but are looking at ways to better remind them to do so.


In addition to our tutoring program, organic traffic drives hundreds of users to our site every month looking for educational resources to help them in school.

To date, 60,725 users have created accounts on our site. We offer them resources in math, science, reading and study habits/memory.

Top Exercises Attempted By Students

We offer students the opportunity to practice math skills from a set of over 400 exercises open-sourced by the Khan Academy directly on our website. In addition, they are able to practice these exercises during tutoring sessions with their tutor.


Total Exercises Attempted By Students



Thank you for believing in Learn To Be. We appreciate your support and the faith you've put in us to help bring high quality education to students across the nation. And, most imporatantly, we appreciate that you've made it through this report. :) Here's to helping more students become the best version of themselves!