Our Approach

We partner with schools and non-profits to bring individualized attention to the students who need it the most. These schools and non-profits are led by passionate administrators and staff who work tirelessly on behalf of their students. In partnering with these organizations we provide tutors and our virtual classroom platform. Together we pair passionate volunteers from around the nation with students in need of academic support.

Now we’re not offering any quick fixes or grand solutions. Just a push towards an ideal: individualized attention for every student who needs it.

  • Choosing Partners

    We want to ensure that our partners are invested in helping their students not just finish homework, but really learn skills that they need in order to succeed as they get older. We look to find organizations that have a strong record in helping our most marginalized communities and are capable of supporting an online learning environment. We work with them to find students and desired times of tutoring so that a consistent setup can be established. We also vet partners based on their technology capabilities. This includes, but is not limited to, their computers, their internet speeds and any additional hardware that may be needed (e.g., headphones, microphones, webcams, graphics tablets).

  • Training/Pilot Program

    We work to train partners on how to use the LTB virtual classroom. Depending on whether we're working with a non-profit or a school, we look to see if the organization has their own base of tutors and how we can setup a pilot program.

  • Recruiting Tutors

    While the pilot program is running, LTB staff will recruit tutors. We primarily recruit through our University Chapters. These are groups of college students who have banded together to form university service organizations. They serve as our main source of tutors. All tutors who apply to tutor must pass a background check through Learn To Be and possibly through our partner organizations.

  • Establishing What To Teach

    We work with our partners to establish what sort of help students will be receiving. Traditionally, there are three avenues: strictly homework, strictly skill building or a hybrid of the two. With skill building, if the tutoring is in Math, we utilize our Khan Academy exercises that are built into our virtual classroom. For homework help, we rely our partner administrators to upload assignments to the virtual classroom on behalf of the student.

  • Monitoring and Evaluating

    Depending on the content being covered, we are able to view various aspects of the tutoring being done. Because all of the sessions are recorded, we are able to view them after the fact. From this, we can establish best practices and alter approaches as necessary. We can also adapt to any technology issues that may arise.

  • Proving It

    We have impact pages for all of our partnerships and we can show every recording for every second of tutoring done. That means that our community can be more invested in the work we're doing and can play an active role in shaping how we are best able to make an impact in the lives of our students. We call that the LTB Guarantee. Check out an impact page for a partnership here: Florence Nightingale Middle Impact Page.